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    Default Unexplained Lameness

    Hi Guys

    Been quite some time since I posted last - a lot has gone on!

    Anyways, I have a horse in Canada who I've leased out as I am living and working in the UK currently and due to only getting a 2 year visa, didn't know if a) I would be able to get a job in the UK and b) if I would be staying/coming home.

    At any rate, my horse at home has come up unsound. The leaser has had the vet out a few times - the first time about a month and a half ago in which it was determined that he might have pulled something in his left stifle. Stall rest was recommended. Now, a month and a half (almost 2 months) later, he is still unsound. The vet was out yesterday and did a block on his left stifle. He was then suddenly unsound on his left fore. They did a block there and was then unsound on the right.

    Nobody knows what is going on. He was at another place over last winter for which he went off but then he came back sound and was sound over the early spring/almost all summer. From my understanding, he had developed swelling in the right hind which the vet believed was trauma from maybe being kicked in the field. He then developed a small rack on the white line of the same hoof which caused him discomfort but after a few months of stall rest he bounced back and was completely fine....until nearly the end of August....

    In the 3 years or so that I've had him and worked with him, he was unsound once and that was due to him tripping over his two front feet. Took him a week to bounce back but that was it. No other problems at all.

    Given that nobody can seemingly pinpoint what is wrong (waiting for the vet report which is supposed to be coming today), any thoughts? Anybody deal with such a mystery lameness before??

    It's quite a challenge to deal with this when I'm not physically there.

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    Just had a major lameness work up done on my horse and what I found was that when we blocked his right hind for his hind end issue, it made him sound on the RH and then we picked up on a very mild lameness in his RF, so slight that I didn't see it, but my vet could. Fixed the R stifle (injection) and he because very lame on the RF a couple weeks later (now I know it's navicular after eval #2). My vet explained that this often happens, you fix one part that had been overshadowing another and more issues come to light. I tend to think now that this shifting lameness indicates more than one issue going on (in more than one limb).

    My friend described it this way to me once - if someone is punching you in the face, you may not notice the splinter in your hand. Stop the face punching and you suddenly notice the splinter.
    "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse..." ~Revelation 19:11

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