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    Default putting stalls in barn

    I bought some Morton barn stall fronts to put along a wall in my free span barn. I think I will put the three 12-foot stalls along a 36 foot wall. One end wall is the wall between the barn and the indoor arena and the vertical post is not in the line, but the very sturdy horizonatl 2x6's are here. The other wall is just the exterior wall and the proposed line of stall fronts end at a post. One of the trusses is directly over where this wall will go. We will need to construct or buy dividers. Any suggestions on how to put this wall of stall fronts in? I would like two of the stalls to have a removeable divider if possible. We were thinking of having posts that run from below ground (post hole) up to the trusses. Any suggestions on ways to make this structurally sound?

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    I am unsure as to exactly what you got from Morton. If it's just doors and grilles, then you will need to build the kneewalls and stall door openings and the header above.
    At the 2x6 horizontal end, you would attach a vertical nailer for that end of the stall fronts to attach; and attach to the post at the other end. It would appear from your description that a roof truss is running in line directly above the line of your stall fronts: you should be fine dropping down from there to the ground with some posts; the two fixed stall dividers should provide considerable racking resistance as well. Make sure the truss above is locked into all the other trusses with catwalk nailers above and inside the truss.

    After that, there should be installation guidelines with the Morton stall fronts; they will most likely need a continuous header running the 36 feet across at around the 7 1/2 feet height attached to the posts. The divider walls can support the fronts. This picture shows what I am describing:
    If the Morton system has more than just grilles and doors, then you will have less wall to build if they are already provided.

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    Thanks Rabtfarm. That is very helpful. These are used so they are complete fronts with doors similar to the ones in the picture you linked. They are in great condition but the owner wants to reconfigure her barn so she is removing these.

    Do you think I could make them stable while having the divider between two of the stalls removeable, or would that be too complicated?

    Does there need to be a wood base of some kind below the stall front?

    I will see if Morton has any information - that's a good idea, too.


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