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    Default mastocytoma in dogs

    My 2yo Ridgeback was diagnosed with a mastocytoma yesterday My husband and I are just beside ourselves. My 16yo Golden is in the end stages of lung cancer that has metastasized all over her body (we caught it too late to do anything about it) so the fact that my young dog also has cancer seems really, really cruel.

    It is a very small tumor under her chin that I noticed when it first started forming about two weeks ago. It quickly grew into a pea-sized growth. I am glad I had it checked out so quickly. She's having it removed on Thursday.

    I have heard success stories from a few people about dogs that had the tumor removed and then lived long, healthy lives without a reoccurrence, but then I also got a few negative stories about the tumors coming back again and again. We have no children so this dog is our kid. I don't know what we would do without her.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of tumor and what the outcome was.

    Here's Cairo a couple weeks ago at the beach:

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    he is gorgeous..................jingles for all of you

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    I think getting it staged is important. We see it ALL THE TIME in dogs, and sometimes cats. A single lump that is removed with good margins that is graded low has a good chance of curative resection.

    Id say on average 75% of the pets we treat (and remove them), go on to have no recurrence or regrowth of 1-2 tumors in the general area years later. Some with higher grade MCTs that are not resectable or already have signs of metastasis dont do so well.

    You would be surprised how many people dont even get these lumps looked at, thinking they are just ugly warts.

    Jingles for your dog, but try not to worry too much. Out of 6 dogs, 3 of mine had MCTs removed and none of them regrew or caused later metastasis.

    There are lots of views on treatments in conjunction with removal, such as the new vaccine, Kinavet, vinblastine, prednisone etc. My friends poodle had 15 removed over 3 years, she responded beautifully to the vincristine (and vinblastine) and is now 16 years old being 3 years free of tumors. There is also a new drug Kinavet - we had a rep discuss with us, but so far are still recommending the vincristine/vinblastine/pred combo for those with high stage mct. Might be something to discuss with your vet if you want to do followup treatment.

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    My Ridgeback also had a mast cell tumor. Hers was on her rump, and the actual tumor was also about the size of a pea. The swelling around it was about half a golf ball. She was maybe four or so when it was removed. IIRC, it was stage 2.

    We did not get clean margins the first time (first time that has ever happened to my very experienced vet) and had to go back in a second time to take more tissue. We did pre treat with prednisone or benedryl prior to both surgeries.

    Since surgery, we've not had any sort of recurrence at all. Koa's now 8 years old. She is prone to small lipomas, so whenever I spot a new lump, we do a needle aspirate, just to be on the safe side.

    I did have a cat with end stage mast cell cancer. Took her back from a friend, who had said she'd had some lipomas removed. My vet commented that lipomas are quite rare on kitties. We suspect they were actually mast cell. Shortly after I got her, she popped up bb size tumors all over her body. We kept her comfortable for perhaps 6 weeks, and then we put her down when she had progressed. It was very sad.

    Mast cell is generally a complete remission sort of cancer, as long as you get to it early enough.

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    Thanks so much for all the helpful information. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and the margins come back clean.

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    Just wanted to update that Cairo had the tumor removed on Thursday and seems to be doing very well. We should be hearing back from the pathologist within the next couple days. I will update when we get the report.

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