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    Aug. 14, 2010
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    Default AMAZING lesson today.

    So for those on here who aren't aware, I basically have -5 confidence. Even the smallest head toss by le horse is enough to have me trembling. It's really bad and 100% in my head.

    Today, we just worked on jumping a single crossrail, and OMG - my confidence is through the roof. I nailed every.single.distance and was strutting around like a peacock afterwards. There were 3 or 4 misjudges of distances by myself but I was taking my leg off right before the jump so it was my fault. I made Chelsea (chestnut appy mare ) go FORWARD and it really helped. I'm feeling so much more confident!! sorry, just had to share.
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    Oct. 7, 2006
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    Congratulations! I'm glad you had such a great lesson.

    I understand about the confidence issue. I'm hoping to get back up on a horse maybe this weekend. Won't try anything like x-rails, will be doing great just to get up on him.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Jul. 11, 2011


    Congratulations! Sometimes all it takes is one great lesson to realize you can do it!

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    Oct. 20, 2009


    Congrats! The mental part of riding is always the most difficult part to improve! Glad you had a great ride.

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    Jun. 20, 2012
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    Congrats! 50% of riding is all mental! Once you learn that, things come a lot easier.

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