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    Default Anyone need a kitteh? =) Photos should work now.

    I found these 3 guys while at an abandoned house/barn taking photos. I've been going back and feeding them tinned food, which they love. The mom would stay close by and growl a bit when I first started feeding them, but she does that less now. She also moved them twice, but I was able to find them since they pretty quickly equated human voice with food, so they would cry when they heard me.

    It seems they are still nursing, so it would be a few weeks before they were ready to go, but if anyone wanted one, I would do my best to get it to you.

    Let me know if the pics don't work.!/media/set...4135915&type=1

    Thanks Guin! I fixed it, I think.
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    Photos not working - you need to set them to "public."
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    So cute!!!!
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