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    Oct. 9, 2012

    Smile Horse clipping for others? How much do you charge?

    Hi all!

    Not sure if this is in the right thread.. but here goes. I am thinking of purchasing myself a new set of clippers this year (a nice pair of Osters) as I always clip my horse myself each winter. I am a very neat clipper - being a perfectionist - and know how to do a bunch of different clips and they have always turned out very nice. I have also clipped horses for some of my eventing friends before which I was paid for. So I was thinking, if I was getting a pair of new clippers then clipping for other people might be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash.

    So, my question is - is there much interest in clipping horses for other people during winter (or all year, really!)? And if so, how much would you charge to do a full clip, eventer clip, trace clip, blanket clip, etc? I wouldn't want to charge too much, but I wouldn't want to charge too little either.

    On top of all that, would you need extra insurance of some kind? For example, if you cut the horse accidentally (which I have never done, but that's not to say it won't accidentally happen) or something along those lines, could you get sued? Or would you need separate insurance to cover you if you were to be kicked and needed medical attention? Of all the horses I've clipped, I've never had to deal with an overly difficult/naughty horse or one that has a major problem with being clipped, so I don't have a lot of experience with clipping horses like that.

    Obviously - I don't want to make a business off this or anything. I just thought it would perhaps be a good way to earn some extra cash, if doable.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
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    Oct. 12, 2011


    I'm not from New England so I can't say much about the amount of interest you'd get up there but I have clipped for people several times. I don't have any kind of extra insurance, just my regular health insurance.

    For pricing I charge $100 for a full body (w/ or w/o legs shaved. w/ or w/o head/half head shaved and w/ or w/o a saddle patch) if you supply me with blades. I have several friends that go out and buy a couple sets of blades for me and then just pay me that way. If I use my own blades, I charge $150

    Because I find that trace clips/etc are more work and sometimes more time on my part to get to look nice etc. I charge $115 for most trace clips if you supply blades and $165 if I supply blades.

    I also clip designs into horses butts, shoulders etc, wherever you may want a design. I have done simple designs up to really intricate designs like the heart/celtic knot I just did on my mare. Designs start at $10 and can go up to as much as $50-$60 depending on the size and difficulty of the design.

    If the horse is difficult I will twitch it first, and then drug it with owners permission, your drugs or mine. If its my drugs it costs you more. If you administer the drugs its free, if I do it, I charge you. Usually not much. And then I do have a "difficult horse fee" If we drug the horse, the fee is waved and its just the cost of administering drugs/drugs. If we don't drug the horse and I have to deal with it trying to kick me all the time, then I charge you extra. Usually $10-$20 depending on the difficulty of the horse. I try not to have to charge too much and I will put up with a lot because I know a lot of horses don't enjoy being clipped!

    All my prices etc are based off of what I was charged to have people clip my horse before I knew how to do it myself and seems to be the fairly regular 'going rate' in my area.

    Sorry that was really long and hope it makes sense and wasn't too complicated!!

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    Oct. 9, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by ZackAttack View Post
    I'm not from New England so I can't say much about the amount of interest you'd get up there but I have clipped for people several times. I don't have any kind of extra insurance, just my regular health insurance.
    Wow, thank you so much for all of that information! That was all very, very helpful. Those prices seem reasonable and is what I would expect to pay if I was paying someone else. Should I lower my rates a tad to begin with to get interest, and then raise them as I go or should I just start out at that and keep it that way? Also, do you charge gas if they are outside a certain region or are over a certain distance away from you?

    Thanks so much again!

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    El Paso, TX


    We pay 75.00 if we provide the blade for a full clip.
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    Mar. 15, 2012
    Taft, TN


    When I clip for other people, I charge $80 for a full body clip (does not include legs or face as most of the horses I've clipped are either eventers or foxhunters) or trace clip, and less for simpler clips- I had one horse I only bib clipped, and I think I charged $30 or $40 for that- didn't seem right to charge for a full body clip when it only took me ten minutes!

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    Jul. 16, 2001
    The Great White North, where we get taxed out the wazoo


    Gee, up here in the Great White North we pay about 100-125 for a full clip and 75-80 for a trace.
    That is with them providing the blades etc. Mane hogging for hunting is sort of 10-15. Good for you for doing it. I do my own and don't do an awful job, but it is one that is tricky and you could certainly get hurt. You also might bear in mind about ones who don't like clipping- get the owner to arrange for drugs so no one gets killed.

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