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    Quote Originally Posted by grayarabpony View Post
    Did you just say the Toto?

    Everybody says stuff like that but those stallions have not produced a Totilas either, except for Gribaldi. Totilas hardly seems like a big gamble.
    That made even less sense than usual. Yea they do (and did) produce horses like Totalis and consistently, that is why they are on the list. Of course it is a gamble, it always is and more so when the sire is not proven. Not all performance horses make brilliant sires, obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownYonder View Post
    So you are saying the breeders are abandoning him in droves? If so, is it because he doesn't knock it out of the park with every single foal? Or because he isn't out competing successfully? Or because of the high stud fee? Or because he is not as accessible to the breeders as they wish? Or a combination of all the above?
    Would still like to hear from Aurum regarding these questions, since she was one who stated Totilas' "star was about to sink."

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    Totitas has not had anywhere near the foal number that these other stallions have, I think it's the disproportionally high stud fee that kept many mare owners away.

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    For some of us, the Totilas star will never fade. You may dismiss this as hyperbole, but he is the stuff of legends in my mind. I love this horse. We're fortunate enough to have two Totilas x Jazz fillies that are among the best foals we've ever bred. Since his oldest offspring are only yearlings, it's rather difficult to compare him to Jazz, Florestan, Gribaldi, etc., but, given that some of the most successful and well-known breeders in both Holland and Germany have bred to him, there are bound to be some top sport horses coming along during the next decade. Will I spend the money to breed to him again...I'm thinking about it.

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    Perhaps PS did purchase Total Recall as a business/marketing strategy to bring more interest to those on the fence about breeding to Totilas or maybe the foal was just that amazing.

    I chose to breed two mares to Totilas last year just because I wanted a 'piece' of what I consider a magnificent work of art or as some would say, freak of nature. I was fortunate enough to get two fabulous foals this year.

    Although I have not been impressed with the whole PS marketing hype and disappointed in the lackluster performance under MAR, I'm thrilled beyond believe I now have part of this legendary dressage horse and have to pinch myself every time I see my Toti-foals. I did consider that Toto was not a 'proven' stallion. At the very least he proved he can perform in GP.

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    Poor Totilas. His name is so often butchered in print.

    Totitas?? Sounds like a snack food..

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