My poor Canadian Boxer is allergic to living in the south.

I took Kira in to have blood drawn for allergy testing. I got some of the results back on contact stuff (going to do a food allergy panel soon)

The lab assigns an EAU number to each item. From 0 to 79 there is no allergy. From 80-299 it is significant if in the environment. Any thing over 300 is considered VERY significant.

So, that said here is some of her results:

Grasses: (The vet has never seen EAU on grasses this high)
Bahia- 1301*
Bermuda- 3794*
Johnson- 2873*
Kentucky Blue- 2400
Fescue- 3800
Rye- 3700*

Ceder- 143*
Maple- 1082*
Pine- 374*
Wax myrtle- 529
Hickory- 451
Elm- 198


range was from 300 to 2001 (I was having trouble keeping up with the vet over the phone)

One of the 'weeds' is English Plantain aka Banana at 929*

She is NOT allergic to fleas (yay)

Any thing with a * is in my backyard.

She now gets to go out to potty in a dirt area and straight back into the house. But I don't think she will mind at all!

She had been tearing herself up pretty bad with the scratching and chewing if I did not keep her on Depomedrol/Dex. And that combo has her peeing the bed for 2 to 3 weeks.

I am really hoping there are no food allergies, but with the worst results the vet has seen on contact I am afraid my hopes will not come true.

The vets are having desensitization shots made for her. Really hoping it works as well as other clients have experienced.