what ideas would you suggest for finding new 'stars'?

I think the USDF/USEF Powers That Be (herein after just PTBs) could make good use of social media tools that are now available.

Set up a Youtube account (or several for different categories)

Encourage submission of videos of test rides - then PTBs sort them (small tour, large tour, young horse,...) - they can set up a private account and discuss strengths/weaknesses of the pairings from the comfort of their laptop/iPad

The PTBs can ask judges to proactively (but anonymously - i.e. go through show management) ask for ride videos to be submitted when they see horses/riders that they think may have Team potential

The eyes (judges) are out there every weekend and it would be quick and easy to set up.

When the PTBs settle on a prospect they can ask for opinions from FEI judges -- set up the system (settle on 'consultant' fee perhaps) and it could be as quick as sending links.

The above are just some quick off-the-cuff thoughts. But surely there are lots of tools that could be made use of now.

Your thoughts?