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    Default Gift Ideas needed

    our barn owners, truly are, one (two) in a million. They are SUCH good people. They love every horse in the barn and treat them as if they were their own. Every one of us who boards there would agree with me I have no doubt. This couple would spend their last cent on the horses and not on themselves. Each of the boarders (there are 11 I think) are going to pitch in $25 each to buy these guys some Christmas gifts....but I need some ideas. We want to get them something they have to use for themselves....not the horses, not other family members but for themselves. But what!? We can't get them gift cards because they will use them for other things. We can't get them resturant gift certificates because they, willingly, spend 99% of their time at the barn...they are not the type of couple who would go for a massage or mani/pedi (just the thought of them getting a mani/pedi makes me pee my pants! Anyone have any ideas? This is such a tough one!

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    How about a stained glass logo of the farm's name? Or a stained glass panel of one of their favorite horses? $275.00 (11 people x $25.00) would get you a decent sized piece for them. And they couldn't use it for anyone else if it was their logo or a likeness of their horse.
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    A catered dinner delivered to their home.

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    One of my boarders gets me luxurious scented lotion (because I'm caring for the horses in all weather). I LOVE it -- it is a real treat, and yes, my hands are really dry.

    Can you think of something that they love but wouldn't buy for themselves? Wine, whiskey, soap, coffee, tea . . . etc, you get the idea. I also got Lake Champlain hot chocolate for my birthday once (not from a boarder!) and that too was SUCH a treat.

    Have fun!

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    A weekend in a ***** hotel with it already reserved and a paper signed by all the boarders to manage the farm for the weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petstorejunkie View Post
    A weekend in a ***** hotel with it already reserved and a paper signed by all the boarders to manage the farm for the weekend.
    I second this one... or even just a nice B&B. Everybody pitches in for the weekend and kicks 'em out!

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