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    Default PSA Trailer tires....AKA my borrowing a trailer fail....

    I borrowed a flatbed trailer from my BO son-in-law to get some round bales of peanut hay. Last year we borrowed a big goose-neck trailer and it was great. They have since sold the big trailer so this year I used their bumper pull one. This family is obsessive about maintaining their equipment.... normally.

    3.5 miles from the hay guys place (after getting hay) I hear a noise, let off the gas and then hear fwap,fwap,fwap and look to see tire parts flying off the trailer. Found a place to pull over and proceeded to change it out. Let the jack down and the spare goes flat... it had a whole whopping 5 psi of air. Got to looking and ALL the tires are in the 20 psi range. Great, we are in the middle of the country... nearest store is 4 mile down the road. Decided to use the AAA service Mom is diligent on paying for.

    side note for humor: In the process of telling the agent what the issue was I told her the tire blew and when we put the spare on it was flat as well... I just needed someone with air to come out. Her response to me was " Well honey, if you put air in that tire it will just come right back out where it blew." Uhh.... yeah... that's why I used the spare. It was impressive though... imagine a rim with just a fringe of rubber on each side. lol.

    After an hour and a half AAA calls back and tells me they don't have anyone to help me 'cause I am too far out. I drop the trailer in a church parking lot and drive to the store down the road, ask the clerk if they knew anyone with a air compressor in their truck. She tells us to 'go ask the guy on pump 4, I am sure he can help you' Sure enough he has a little 2 gallon air compressor that gives me enough air to limp slowly to the store to use their air machine to tops them all off. Air compressor guy is a sweetheart, making sure we get where we need to be safely, and then absolutely refuses to be compensated for his time and gas. I LOVE country people!

    So... 5 hours later we pull into the barn with our hay (should have been a 2 hour max trip) and let the trailer owners know what happened. He smacks his head and says that he knew the tires were crap but had not gotten around to changing them since the trailer is not used much. He absolutely refuses to let us replace the blown tire. He did make life good for me as he brought down his tractor to unload the hay and put it up instead of me having to roll it into place.

    My PSA is to check those tires NO MATTER what. Crap happens!

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    May. 20, 2008


    THIS is why I'm fanatical about checking trailer tire air pressure EVERY time I haul!

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