We have been so used to hearing about the stallion owners who leave something to be desired, so I wanted to go against the grain!

SCF has gone above and beyond, first by collecting on a day that the stallion was not contracted to be available on, and whilst also during a show. Semen came practically bionic at 24 hours post collection-- vet actually laughed when he looked at it under a microscope! He said it was beautifully packaged as well.

Most impressively though, SCF went through all the trouble to get the stallion's paperwork transferred from the NL to the KWPN-NA, & successfully activated him as an Erkend stallion, which, let me tell you, was not an easy accomplishment! All of this because I preferred to have a KWPN foal out of two KWPN parents, & I was worried about having to present a 19 year old mare with foal at foot to another registry. She truly looks like an old broodmare when fat & out of shape, & I didn't want her condition to hinder the foal's value.

I truly hope NA jumper (and hunter-- watch his video from WEF!) breeders take note of this Namelus R son. At just 6, he's maybe a single clear round from fulfilling his Sport requirements for KWPN, too.


To say I would recommend Baldev and Spy Coast Farm would be an understatement!