@ Jeffrey:

Ah, I see. I appreciate your clearing that up. I also apologize for thinking it was you!

I have no complaints that you need to run your business in the way that you have found works best for you. I am not the normal customer, I don't think-- my favorite foods disappear from the grocery, my favorite shows get cancelled, and I frequently have a strong dislike for what is popular. I actually love looking at the photos at the show and also appreciate that they are there-- I just am bad at making purchasing decisions in that atmosphere. If I may suggest though, perhaps over the winter you can have time to update the website?

For example, the info you have about needing to pay for access to the photos, but then a list of what purchase options are available, and what they cost? I see that I need to email you to get the costs, and I'm guessing this is to limit the amount of updating you need to do to the website. I find this slightly annoying, but can understand if you don't want to be changing things up all the time if that is not your main focus. It would be really nice to have prices up though, because maybe it is out of the price range of some folks and if they knew this right off the bat they wouldn't even bother to ask for the photos to be put up in the first place, thereby saving you the effort involved.

At any rate, just one very small fish's suggestions, take or leave as you like. I truly appreciate the time you've taken to answer my concerns here, so thanks.

Oh, and I forgot to mention before that I also was unaware that you paid to be at the show. I knew you paid for booth space, of course, but I didn't realize you were paying to be the photographer as well. While I thought ivegot had some great shots, I am glad she has decided to pursue her goals within the established rules.