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    Default Stinky Barbour Jackets

    Help... I took my Barbour out of the closet and it stinks of mildew both inside and out. I don't see any mildew, no powdery dust or discoloration. This jacket is fairly new, and i tried hanging it out in the sun for days, both right side out and inside out. Fabreeze helped the inside a bit.

    Then I looked at my old (bordering ancient) Barbour hanging on the back of a door, and it stinks too! But I can accept that... it's old, dirty and should stink of the barn. But it also smells really musty. ( We had a lot of rainy days in the past few months. I actually have grass growing in my pastures, a rare sight this time of year around here.)

    So how do I clean/wash the stench out? I have dressing for them but I know not to use it without making them smell better.

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    Use plain white vinegar on a sponge and wipe down the entire jacket, inside and out. (Turn the sleeves inside out and wipe the insides of the sleeves, also.)

    Then let sit outside in the sun for at least two or three days. By that point the mildew and most of the vinegar smell will be gone.

    Then re-coat with the wax dressing as usual.

    Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, take the jacket to a dry cleaner! It will be ruined forever.

    They are very tough and hardy coats so the vinegar/sun treatment should work fine.

    You could also send an email to Barbour; I'm sure they've dealt with moldy jackets before.
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    Try the vinegar.Mine always smells like an old canvas tent to me but I kind of like it, makes me nostalgic for my childhood camping trips!

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    Feb. 23, 2008
    southeastern PA


    Thanks for the vinegar suggestion...don't know why I didn't think of it myself. I buy it by the gallons, two at a time around here. this will be another use for my handy spray bottle of it. I used it yesterday on the inside (turned out) and it did wonders. Rained today (again) so I'm waiting for dry weather again to do the outside.

    I agree the tent canvas smell is acceptable but this was so strong of musty mildew that I would have gagged a normal mortal had I worn it in public.

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