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    Default Meadowbrook type cart?

    I'm looking for an easy entry cart that is a sort of Meadowbrook wannabe. Budget is $1500, for a pony. Any suggestions?

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    May. 21, 2012


    Where are you located? Shipping adds a lot to cost- so if you could get it close to home you'd have a lot to work with.

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    Corbyville, Ontario, Canada

    Default meadowbrook cart

    I had a Meadowbrook cart custom made for a 17 hand percheron mare for $2000 canadian. Given the extra amount of wood, bigger wheels, special access step, height adjustment that it took to make one to fit her $1500 for a pony version sounds like a somewhat reasonable target. Depending on where you are located the Amish or Mennonites would be a good starting point. My cart was built by Mennonites near Guelph, Ontario.

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    Mar. 7, 2011


    Remudamom, you should definitely and easily be able to find a pony size Meadowbrook for $1500. I paid $1200 for mine to fit a 12.2pony, and only $900 for the one to fit my 16.2hand horse.

    The EZ entry "meadowbrook wannabe" carts, like this one:

    Almost seem to be more expensive!

    But you can find them.

    This place carries them:

    Again, shipping or logistics of picking it up will add to expense. I would check CL for local ads near you.

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    what is your location
    it makes a difference on how/where you can find used but good quality vehicles

    one of the best resources is local clubs with drivers
    their newsletters frequently have used vehicles available

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    Jun. 9, 2012


    Ended up ordering the Easy Entry from Pam Southward. It looks Meadowbrookish. I went about $200 over budget but I think I'll be very happy with it. Here is the site. I opted out of the extended floor but I'm getting the dashboard, rein rail and wooden slats on the armrest. Pam was really helpful.

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    Hi Remudamom! [Waving!]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindyg View Post
    Hi Remudamom! [Waving!]
    Back atcha!

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