I need to find a home for this 2005 OTTB mare because of a family illness. I acquired Maddy after she passed through New Holland three years ago. Because of some of her behavior she is unsuitable for probably 85 per cent of riders and may be best suited for breeding. She is 15.2+ and very solid with tremendous bone. She looks like a quarter horse. She is a very good mover and has a sweet and kind of playful disposition. However, she obviously was abused at some point and has a tendency to panic in some situations and when she does she is very, very quick!

She has learned a great deal since I have owned her and has excellent ground manners and lunges well. Because of her build she is very difficult to fit a saddle to and if the saddle does not fit perfectly she gets very tense and panicky. She also seems to have some pain issues in her back, withers and girth area. She has had chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy and more. Sometimes she has been fine and will go very nicely in trot. In canter she tends to be tense and this is where the saddle or pain issues seemed to bother her most. She was treated for Lyme this past winter and seems to be free of it. I have not ridden her since July. I would like to place her in a home with either a very patient, highly skilled trainer/rider or with someone who would be interested in breeding her or possibly as a companion. I need to reduce the number of horses I have so this one needs to go soon to a good home.

She has Tudor Minstrel and Turn to multiple times in her pedigree:


Pictures available. I will try to get some video as well either out in the field or on the lunge line.