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    Default Driving insurance

    I live two miles from a very small town. I frequently drive the ponies in there to visit my mil. I have an easy entry and a small wagon.

    Most of the children in town know me and all beg for rides. I'm hesitant to do this, anything could happen.

    Does anyone carry some type of insurance to protect them in case a passenger is hurt somehow? How expensive could it be? I've also had to turn down an appearance at a birthday party at the town park. I probably would have had a lot of fun giving rides but again.......

    I give the children in my family rides and feel kinda mean telling other kids "No".

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    Talk to your Insurance person, they will know what your policy covers, what it does not. Ask specific questions about details, like free rides puts you in one catagory, while if you charge to show up at events, you need other coverage because you are "commercial" as a business.

    Have your Insurance person call the Main Office, to get specific details on the nit-picking stuff. READ the policy YOURSELF or have an informed person help you out on the language. Get a magnifying glass for all that small print they hide stuff in. I have heard the local folks say you were covered, then when something happens around the Farm, there are conditions that make Insurance not have to pay you. Being home or away from home, can change coverage details.

    I guess I probably wouldn't be giving kids rides, just to be less liable. Sad, but their parents Insurance will be the first to sue you to get repaid for any injury costs.

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    I know. I hate telling those little faces they can't have a ride but it could be such a risk. It's a shame.

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    I have a commercial carriage company, and the insurance is not cheap. Although the kids are sweet now- if you did start giving them rides it's likely they would become pests about it just about instantly. You just can't go there. I give rides professionally and would never do it without the insurance.

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