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    Default Looking For Breeding Farm Internship

    Hello Everyone!
    I am getting ready to graduate from college and I need to find an intership before I can graduate. I want to find a position with my main focus on the breeding and horse management. I dont have a preference as to where the farm would be located but I would prefer a place that focuses on more ranching, reinging, roping, cutting, or racing.

    I am posting here hoping that someone can help me in my search and point me in the direction of someone who might take on an intern.

    I have been riding since I was 4 so I have tons of horse riding and handling experience. I have taken a class in breeding and horse management.

    The problem I am running into is finding a place who is willing to pay for me to work for them. One of my school requirements is that I have to be paid as an intern and work full time.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    OP - if you haven't already, post also on Pleasure Horse Forum. They have a pretty broad range of people on there. Also you might indicate the length of time required for this intern program
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    I don't know what your school demands, but would an internship in a tack shop, feed store, equine vet clinic, real estate firm in their farm and ranch department or equestrian magazine also work?

    Expand your search, you never know what you may find out there.

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    Gumz Farms in Morganfield, KY is currently accepting applications for interns. They're one of the most respected breeding centers in the pleasure horse industry.
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    The Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma, has year-round internships, with different responsibilities depending on the time of year.

    When you get to the website, click "internships" to read about them.

    The Lazy E is one of the largest breeders of racing American Quarter Horses in the United States.

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    Hi-I am curious... do they also have you do any time with an equine rescue or auction site to expose you the other side of breeding?

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    Question what about Tbs?

    How are you about working with Tbs/ riding yearlings?, Connemaras?.
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    Gumz Farms is still accepting internship applications. Intense hands on internship from January to June. Application available at
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    I don't know anything about this program other than it was around in 1999-2000 when I was at an equine school that required an internship. It does pay, however, it looks like you also pay them.

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