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    Sep. 6, 2012
    Moved South from North Pole


    we are still waiting for our 2nd package to get to Eleanor.
    It has been 2 weeks now! 2 weeks for customs and meese to mess with Eleanor's presents. If some moose is wearing plaid and eating bennies, we'll be upset. Maybe some mountie's horse is wearing plaid? 2 weeks!'

    Warmbloods are not patient animals!

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    Jingo bells, Jingo bells,
    Jingo all the way!
    Oh, what a lovely package was delivered
    For Jingo yesterday!

    One of the "main" presents arrived yesterday, Jingo...sweeeet...
    Hope you like it!

    As for opening, I love to tear into 'em, too. Can't blame you a bit.

    Still waiting for a couple of things. Excited about sending it off once it all arrives and is packaged

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    MapleBreeze's Elf Guest


    Such fun! Some COTHers are very lucky to be getting packages already. This elf is working to score some goodies. I had to order some stuff, and the North Pole is quite far to ship to, so it will be a little while before these things arrive. By December, to be sure.

    Now to decide what to do with the rest of the coins Santa allotted me. It doesn't seem like enough, but hey... what the big man says, goes.

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    Jul. 23, 2008
    Da UP, eh


    I have no time
    (except for this rhyme)

    To create an alter to tease and taunt
    About your gifties to brag an flaunt
    So, my dear giftee
    (who every you may be)
    You have been cursed with a Stelf
    (who won't purchase off the shelf!)

    OK, so that wasn't great... Point being is that my Giftee shouldn't worry about the lack of alter....

    Off to the workshop!

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    Feb. 24, 2011
    East Tennessee


    I haven't gotten a note from my elf either, but it's almost MORE fun this way. I have no idea what's happening, and I'm loving the mystery. So my elf shouldn't worry about rhyming or teasing! I'm really easy when it comes to presents, too. I have lots of ideas and suggestions, but I LOVE surprises.

    Elf on, mystery elf!
    Nanakorobi yaoki: Seven times fall, eight times rise.

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    Aug. 14, 2011


    Thanks Elf! I can't wait to be surprised!

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    Feb. 4, 2011


    I got an e-mail from my elf!!! So excited!!!!
    Who say's your best friend has to be human?

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    Since Digit2009 doesn't post a lot on these forums, I have been teasing her by email.

    I just wanted to say:

    Secret Santa Shopping is fun
    And I just couldn't laze around in the sun
    At times in the past
    I'd send mine last
    But now I can't believe I'm all done!

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    Mar. 3, 2010


    I hope I have an elf! I have not heard a word!
    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
    ? Albert Einstein

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    Nov. 7, 2012

    Default Freebird! - Your Elf is trying to contact you

    Hi Freebird! Your inbox is full. Please let me know when it is cleared out so I can send you some clues for your SS gift!

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    Elf o' Shine Guest


    Shine, your inbox is full
    No, I did not get the "first reply." Hope you get this, hope you are able to resend.

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    Nov. 5, 2012
    The North Pole

    Default Heliodoro, more questions!

    Do you and your husband have the same last name?

    What are your feelings on chocolate? If yes, milk, dark, with or without nuts or fruit, etc.

    Item #1 has been ordered, I'm having so much fun shopping

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    Apr. 20, 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by GabbyGatorElf View Post
    Gabby.Gator you have an elf! Your elf is not much of a rhymer, but is definitely a shopper. In fact, some small gifts came home with her from Spain just this weekend.

    Your elf would love to hear more about your favorite colors and what kind of saddle pads you like to hoard...your elf always liked colorful quilted square pads, but not everyone likes that, she knows.

    If there's anything else your heart has been pining for, your elf would be happy to add to the list. She knows you've had a tough year and hopes to help make the holidays a good time.
    so sorry I've been MIA! forgot that I should watch here for myself, not just who I'm SS for, LOL

    fav colors are burgundy and maroon, I hoard ANY kind of saddle pad-- it's a fetish :-)...... standing and pillow wraps are also coveted..... and I'm a bathing, grooming and shining up fanatic, so anything to help my efforts is a total welcome addition to my grooming box :-)........

    eta-- that should say burgundy and blue, LOL
    Last edited by gabby.gator; Nov. 11, 2012 at 08:50 PM.

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    Jun. 23, 2003
    South Carolina


    Nothing from my elf yet, but also have not heard back from my person yet either so... I've got some pretty good plans already though.

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    Mar. 14, 2010
    Earlysville, Virginia


    Chocomare, I emailed you an updated description, but have still not received the name of who im buying for! I don't want to grinch anyone by accident!!
    Charlie Brown (1994 bay TB X gelding)
    White Star (2004 grey TB gelding)

    Mystical Moment, 1977-2010.

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    Sep. 6, 2012
    Moved South from North Pole


    We're still waiting on Canadian customs to get the sun catcher that eventgroupie2 made for Eleanor and the Christmas ornament that Starhouse made for her to Vancouver Island. 2 weeks! Over 2 weeks now! For $34.and change postage, some mountie should have delivered everything. If some mountie's horse is wearing that Baker plaid, we're going to be mad.

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    Dec. 28, 2003
    Canada where all hell has broke free


    I'm still waiting too. Elfy. Maybe they know that Christmas gifts should not be opened till after Nov 11. Remembrance Day. We must remember all that gave for us.

    It will get here, go have one of those warmblood naps, you know the ones that last days.
    My life motto now is "You can't fix stupid!"

    Are you going to cowboy up, or lie there and bleed

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    Oct. 20, 2005


    Chocomare, check your email.
    It's a uterus, not a clown car. - Sayyedati

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    Oh oh. I can't open the facebook pictures, it says "content currently unavailable"- "It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." Is there a way to change the permissions on those pictures?

    I want to admire your TB & QH!

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    Blugal's Elf Guest


    Santa needs to have a word with my ISP about making my internet stop working when I am trying to shop. Definitely coal this year for them!

    (Are any other elves having trouble sticking to budget? I want to BUY ALL THE THINGS.)

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