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    Default I got into Nursing school!!!

    Yay for off topic day!
    So, after doing awesome in my crazy prerequisite classes, I was lucky enough to get into a highly competitive RN program! Now I'm in panic mode. Are there any RN students, or former students out here? How'd you support yourself? Did you work while going to school? Any advice is appreciated!

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    Not an RN but congratulations. You are entering a very noble profession.
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    No advice, just congratulations.

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    I tutor students in the nursing program at MSU. The majority of my students did/do work, but part time and when possible, on campus as in many campus positions, they can study while at work.

    For the most part, they were lucky enough to save up in the summer at PT jobs and have parents willing to chip in for living expenses the rest of the year.

    Because of the volume and pace of the of work once you're doing , I would strongly advise you to try to find a way to not have to work too much during the school year. But some of us have to. I worked full time all through college. Sucked, but did it. Wouldn't advise it but it is possible.
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    Work part time as a CNA, even if only for a summer. I became an RN (second career/degree) without working as a CNA (did the course/test and passed, as a pre-req for school), and the transition from nursing school to working as a nurse was tough. I jumped into a busy surgical floor and ended up bailing out after 3 months of not being able to figure out the mental system to get organized. It didn't help that my preceptor had been a nurse forever and pretty much kept everything she did and needed to do in her head.

    I licked my wounds and got a part time job in a nursing home which gave me 3 days training before putting me on the floor, alone, but my hospital experience, and excellent CNA's, kept me afloat and I've learned a ton in the last year. I'd like to get back into a hospital perhaps but I think I actually make more where I am. I got a $6/hour raise from the hospital rate.

    Fortunately as far as supporting myself, husband has a good job and we have the boarding stable. I did this for my own interest and to diversify our family job skills "just in case". I was an HR manager for a large textile company for 15 years, left the workforce (except for the horse farm) while the kids were small and wanted to work in an area with more work time flexibility.
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    I am still waiting to hear if i got into my RN program. Admissions closed about 2 weeks ago, so now I am just patiently waiting!

    My program is also very competitive, but it was the only one that fit my schedule and offers a transfer to BSN your second year. And I am going back as a second degree, so I need to continue working full time to support myself (and I have a sweet tuition reimbursement program!)

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    I'm so sorry.. I mean... congratulations! I am almost finished with an ADN program. We started with 42 students and are down to 14. If you can work a little part time to get experience, that would be best. Full time is going to be hard to balance. But not impossible. I wish you luck!

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