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    Oct. 20, 2009

    Default Horze Blankets?

    I just saw the thread on the Horze Labor day sale and am eyeing up some of their turnout rugs. Anyone have any experience on how well they hold up? For the price, i'm tempted to give it a try, even if they only last one season- i don't want to need a new blanket in january, thought

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    Dec. 12, 2004


    I unfortunately can't speak to their turnout blankets, but I have several of their fleece sheets and they're the nicest out of all the ones I have. Thick, cozy, fit the horse really well, hold up well to washes.

    I have generally been pleased with just about everything I get from them. The bonus for me is that their warehouse is the next state over from me, so I get things in two to three days...almost as good as Smartpak, who is across the state!

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    Nov. 13, 2011
    Lisbon, Portugal


    A lot of people from my barn get their gear from Horze, including blankets and everyone says they have good quality stuff. I'm thinking of getting myself a Horze stable blanket for winter.
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    They had a big 50% off sale not too long ago and I picked up a bunch of stuff including a fleece cooler. I have to say I'm REALLY pleased with everything I bought.
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