I'm relocating to Atlanta at the end of the month and looking for a boarding barn for my gelding. I will potentially have a second horse later this winter too.

I will be living in Midtown/Old Fourth Ward and working in Smyrna. I've accepted the fact I will be living in my car and always stuck in traffic. Hoping to keep the barn within an hour of the city.

Barn wise, I am just looking for safe, not fancy. A ring with decent footing and turnout are a must. Also a barn that understands how to feed a 17 hand TB (willing to pay extra for more hay/grain). I would prefer to not be tied in with a trainer, since I am hoping to trailer out for lessons etc. Both my horses are very easy to handle, although my gelding does crib, but controlled 100% with a collar (which he always wears). I would like to keep the board under 500, closer to 400 would be even better.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks