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    Jan. 30, 2009

    Default Grrrr La Mundial

    Upon moving to a new state I thought to myself, well, there may be perks. And then I say that there was an authorized La Mundial measurer/retailer only 45 minutes away.

    Great!!, says I. I'll go treat myself to a new pair of boots, and I contact the tack shop, only to find out that they aren't actually done with training, or whatever, and have no estimated time when I could actually go and buy some boots from them.

    Kind of super annoyed by La Mundial. Why do they have someone on the website who can't measure and sell me some boots!? What if I had driven the 45 minutes without calling ahead?

    Not resolution expected -- just complaining to make myself feel better. I had my heart set on some brown field boots!!

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    Jun. 20, 2000
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    Most businesses are great at getting their website up and running, and useless at keeping the site up to date. Just a fact of life.
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    Sep. 26, 2010


    I tried contacting La Mundial through their website to indicate I was interested in learning more about their boots and would like to get a call from a rep. Still haven't heard from them and that was at least a month ago.

    Im not going to bother since in the interim I've found other options that seem better. In this economy, why they can't respond to emails is beyond me.

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    Mar. 22, 2005
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    ^The customer service representative (who posts on here and I would be surprised if she didn't respond to this soon) has been out of the office for a while. I don't know why, I'm not going to ask, but I know the customer service has been fabulous since she took over.

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    Apr. 28, 2010
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    I considered ordering some La Mundial boots in 2010, and after reading many of the horror stories here, I am so glad I didn't. It seems as if for every 1 happy customer, there are 10 unhappy ones.

    I was glad to see their customer service rep on here recently, addressig people's questions and concerns. But as you note, she has since disappeared. Which seems to be par for the course with this company.
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    Apr. 20, 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by TarheelJD View Post
    I considered ordering some La Mundial boots in 2010, and after reading many of the horror stories here, I am so glad I didn't. It seems as if for every 1 happy customer, there are 10 unhappy ones.
    Ditto this. After reading several custom boot threads I went with the Der Dau. Absolutely love them and the customer service.
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    Aug. 4, 2009


    I got measures @ Rolex and I am a very tough fit...not only did mine arrive exactly on time..July...but they fit perfect...going to measured for a 2nd pair @ Dressage @ Devon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aug. 22, 2009


    I have had three pairs, and they have all been perfect. One word of wisdom
    - DO NOT GET REMEASURED if you don't need to due to weight gain/ loss. Most issues seem to come from measuring- if you have good measurements, stick with them! You can order another pair with whatever options you want- just have the vendor call the main office and look up your measurements/ profile. Good Luck!

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    Nov. 12, 2001
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    I was measured for a pair of La Mundial boots at the AEC's in 2009. They arrived just before Christmas. They were so tight in the foot that I had trouble zipping them over my heel and I definitely could not walk in them.

    This year at Rolex, the owner was at the La Mundial stand. I told him about the problem. He had me bring to boots in to show him. He agreed that they were too tight. He did the measurements again and said that he would make me a beautiful boot. The customer service was great!

    Four months later, the most beautiful boots that I have ever seen arrived. Did they fit my feet and the large bones that stick out of my heels? No. I was crushed. Once again, I had a pair of boots that I could not wear.

    I took them to the lady at the La Mundial tent at NAJYRC's. I showed her the boots and the problem. She took the measurements, again, and allowed for my odd heel bone that sticks out. She agreed to measure my feet, while standing, instead of sitting. When I was measured the first two times, the foot measurements were taken while I was seated, which did not account for the expansion of my feet.

    This time, I hope that they will make me boots, that are as lovely as the last pair, that will fit my oddly shaped feet and heel.

    If not, then I am giving up. The third time is the charm. Right?
    When in Doubt, let your horse do the Thinking!

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