I know this has been asked a hundred times before, but I've looked into many threads and I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. So, here are all the details that may effect answers, I know it's really long :/

I have a 14.2hh Connemara gelding who has just turned 7. He had a huge stride when I got him, (my trainer said it was as big or bigger than the average horse's stride) and couldn't work out bounces. He has come on greatly since then but I am now moving him to a home where I won't have a trainer for help.

His stride is still generous for a pony of his size.. I'm not sure whether I should be continuing to collect him and attempt to shorten his canter stride or if I should be allowing him more room and accepting that as his stride.

Either way, I would be extremely grateful for any help measuring the distance I should leave between:
-Trotting poles
-Canter poles
-Bounce fences
-Canter poles before a fence (that I would trot to)
-One and two-stride doubles with all uprights
-One and two-stride doubles to an oxer

At the moment, the highest I have jumped is 1.10m, I would be working up to that each day..