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    Default question about stirrups

    My treeless is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday-YAY!
    I'm looking for suggestions on the stirrups...I am thinking more the english type, as I find the western is just not comfortable for my 'bad' ankle (old injury). What do you guys recommend? I am not a heavy rider, weight or time...I am thinking of getting involved in CTR in the future, but I have some work to do with this horse before we go that direction.

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    I ride CTRs and LDs and most riders I know who do those or longer riders tend to like the Trail Stirrup style - you can see examples on or just about any retailer that carries trail-riding tack. They are lightweight and provide great cushioning. I haven't had ankle aches since I started using mine (vs. English stirrups) years ago.
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    I have two treeless saddles. On my endurance saddle I have caged EZ Ride stirrups and on my dressage saddle I have english peacock irons. Because lots of treeless saddles have a closed loop where the stirrup leathers attach, you may want to check and see if yours does. If so, you'll want some kind of safety stirrup.
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    I love the Composite REFLEX Wide Track Stirrups

    Still look like traditional english, but a wider foot bed for comfort (the bed itself rocks) super lightweight and you can run them up.
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    I have the English Safety stirrups shown here:
    and LOVE them. I have two treeless saddles and have a pair for each of them.
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    Love the EZ riders on my Bob Marshall. They're super comfortable for long rides.

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    Try the Royal Riders of Italy. They are constructed with a Dupont weave that absorbs shock. They also have cages to attach!

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    I ride with the caged EZ Ride stirrups. I use the nylon rather than the aluminum. A friend of mine said that she saw a horse fall on the aluminum stirrups and they crushed on her foot. She would have been dragged, but the leathers broke.

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    I have my treeless outfitted with regular English schooling stirrups, regular English stirrup irons, and I put Stirrup Socks over the leathers to protect my saddle leather. It's really comfy and works for us. I used the "western" stirrup fenders for a while, but they KILLED my knees and ankles.

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