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    Default feeding my new filly

    I just found my dream horse, yay!
    She is coming home this weekend. A four year old QH filly. She is being fed Strategy now. My barn has both Strategy and Safe Choice. Any opinions? Should I switch or stay with what she has eaten for a year?
    My old mare is on Senior feed so I am not really familiar with these other two.
    She is a pleasure horse and I want her to stay quiet if that helps.

    Hell hath no fury like the chestnut thoroughbred mare

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    Jul. 6, 2012


    I've fed strategy for the last 6 years. I think I was given a sample once and loved how my horse had better performance. A friend of mine feeds safe choice but has a hard time keeping weight on her horses. It might just be her feeding program not the feed, but I'm not switching anytime soon.

    Congrats on finding your dream horse!

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    I would leave her on what she is currently on and then over time evaluate whether you need to modify her diet. You will have time to tweak things......Enjoy!!!!

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    You might get more responses from the Sport Horse Breeding or Horse Care Forums, since feeding a 4 yr old pleasure horse is not really breed specific.

    Personally, she does not need ANY concentrates at her age. I found that Strategy tends to make them hotter.

    She will be fine on good pasture or hay and either a multi-vit or ration balancer.

    She should not need anything else until she really starts working hard.

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    If she looks good and is doing well with what she is on, then I wouldn't change it. On that note, I do like Safe Choice. I don't feed it, I feed E Tech (Poulin), but if E Tech wasn't available, I would not hesitate to feed Safe Choice. It's a nice balance of fat, protein and fiber.

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