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    Default Amerigo saddle fit - examples?

    I'm on the saddle hunt, and while the descriptions of tree shapes and the horses they'll suit are great, I'm struggling a big with interpreting what these shapes look like "in the wild." My focus is on the Amerigo saddles, and trying to decide which one will fit my horse.

    The description for the Amerigo CC says:

    The Amerigo Close Contact Jump Saddle is especially useful for horses with long shoulders and withers, such as thoroughbreds, thoroughbred crosses, and lighter warmbloods
    The description for the Amerigo DJ says:

    The Amerigo Deep Seat Jump Saddle is typically used for backs with moderate withers. Excellent for larger warmbloods. Also a problem solver for shorter backed horses such as Quarter Horses, Arabians, and square-bodied warmbloods without extreme thoroughbred influence.
    So does anyone have examples of either of these profiles? Would love to see the difference between the two types of builds!
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    I'd say your horse fits the Amerigo CC, his back looks like it has a bit more curve, especially the stall picture and he does have a wither, not huge but maybe not medium either. Are you working with Equestrian Imports? They sell Amerigo's and are very good at fitting them.
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    I have my eye on one that's on consignment at a tack shop - but the shop doesn't have a fitter, and I'm not 100% confident in my own judgment. I wish I could afford a new, custom one from Equestrian Imports!!

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    One of the nice things about Amerigos is that they are wool flocked. A saddle fitter should be able to adjust the panels to fit your horse. Generally, my Vega is a bit on the wide side. It fit my rotund little hunt horse who had average withers. I love the saddle, by the way. It's comfortable and secure.
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