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    Default An awkward question.....

    Hello, when I was recently grooming my 15 year old half-leased horse, Emerson Blue, on the dock of his tail was bare. It looked like he had rubbed of all of his hair. My trainer had told me to put a medication called MTG (Mane Tail Groom) on his dock. She had also told me that he could have worms. So I apply the MTG for 3 days and it had shown no signs of regrowth... I guess my question is, Does my horse have worms?

    MTG -

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    Is this an ad? If not, why the link, which has nothing to do with worms?

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    He could have worms – or he could have a dirty sheath – or he could have a tick bite on his tail – or he could have something else like an allergy that is making him itchy.

    What is his deworming routine? You won’t know if he has worms unless you have the vet do a fecal exam (or you can order one through smartpak) – but even those give false negatives.

    I am not a huge fan of MTG – its sulfur based, and I don’t know, I guess it is supposed to kill skin infections.

    NOTHING is going to make the hair grow back in 3 days.

    I would deworm as needed according to your schedule or fecal exam. Clean his sheath, and give the tail a good washing and conditioning. See if that helps.
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    When was he last dewormed and with what product?

    When was his sheath last cleaned? I'd probably do it again just in case.

    If that doesn't do it, you should have the vet out.

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    Do a fecal. Clean his sheath. Give him a good bath, including the tail.

    After you do that, try topicals. Although I dont recommend MTG. It stinks to high heaven and many horses have reactions.
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    My horse is having the same reaction. I got a fecal done and because she is on a herd health program and I didn't want to over do it with the deworming. She came up negative for parasites and the vet said that with this summer it is mostly due to dry skin seeing as I regularly clean my horse's udder. They reccomended using betadine soap mixed with mineral oil and washing it off or vitamin E cream. One of the problems with using MTG, which I have had success with, is that it is very oily and with the turning out in the sun, you are basically just cooking your horse's dock.

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