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    Default kitty jingles

    I'm farmsitting for a friend for a week.

    Typical situation - farm, people dump cats because "it's a farm - they MUST need cats"...friend traps and spays/neuters as she can, but the feral ones are pretty clever, so it's a losing battle.

    So...there have been 3 or 4 litters so far this year. This morning, I let the dogs out - 2 rotties, 1 fluffy snowball.

    Go to let the dogs in, female rottie has a dead kitten in her mouth. I see one by the patio and go grab it. Look across the pool and see another live one. They appear to be about 5 days old.

    Have no idea which one is the mother. Have no idea why she would have abandond healthy looking kittens, unless the situation was the dogs finding their hidey hold and dragging them out.

    So, I wrap them up nice and warm, get milk replacer at Agway, and decide the next 4 weeks are going to be hell without sleep.

    Now for the miracle. I went to pick up my son after work, and we decided to pop into a diner for dinner. Took the babies in wrapped in a towel. As we were leaving, I stopped to show the waitresses the babies...and an older woman peeked over my shoulder.

    She said "Oh, my daughter does orphaned kitten rehab, and she hasn't had any for a while. She's just dying to have another one".

    I gave her my card, daughter called me, and took the kittens home with her this evening. I have high hopes that they will do well with her. She's rehabbed almost 30 in the past few years.

    So...please jingle that these little ones make it. They really are cute.

    Originally Posted by JSwan
    I love feral children. They taste like chicken.

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    Jingles jingles jingles!!
    how great you rescued them and what a cool thing that your waitress was "connected"!! Prayers for those little guys!

    And I agree about people leaving cats at farms and ranches! I have a cat named "Barn Kitty" (guess where I got her??) because people just dumped her. My mother is caring for her at the moment, as one of my others was picking on her, and calls her "Beautiful Kitty" (BK).

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    Big jingles for the itty bitty kitties!!

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    Big jingles that the bottle babies thrive.
    Mystic Owl Sporthorses

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    Jingles for kitties and lots of love for the well-connected waitress and her daughter! It makes me warm inside

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    on and off the bit

    Thumbs up

    Jingles and prayers for the kittens! And for the lady's daughter for wanting them! And prayers about you too for gathering them in and caring for them! How perfect can timing be!

    You just made my day, sharing that story. I am sitting here with two laptops, one hard and white (and warm), one soft and furry and purry and warm. And my bed warmer just a few feet away.

    I am the only one awake--and I got to read this post!
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    Thanks everyone - so far they are doing OK!

    Originally Posted by JSwan
    I love feral children. They taste like chicken.

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    Jingles for the kitties!!! What fabulous luck you (and the kittens!) had at that diner!

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