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    Default BBC Olympic Equestrian page;

    They will probably show more horsey stuff than US tv.

    You should be able to watch on the beeb if you download this; If you install it on your PC you can turn it on and off on your task bar. It opens an SSL VPN tunnel to a server in the UK which gives you a UK IP number.
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    Thank you!

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    Great info, thanks.

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    Since NBC messed up the live link to dressage, I've tried this. However, have Hughesnet. Was able to download Expatshield, then get to the BBC/Olympics/Equestrian page, but after trying the player, have had almost all stills, a little bit of action, but the buffering is not good.

    Also must have mucked up the Hughesnet, as, although I'm still online, my Hughesnet software says I no longer have a Hughesnet modem! Must be coming in the air through the skies, across the pond, to my little hovel on a hill!

    But I give up. Hope NBC will get its s*** together, and put the right link back on.
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