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    Feb. 16, 2010
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    Default Does anyone else think of money in terms of horses?

    Above and beyond just paying for day to day living, I've been doing a ton of side work that I hope one day will provide some passive income to supplement my salary.

    Pretty much my main motivation for working as much as I do right now is so I can save and one day (many years from now) blow it all on a small farm. In the meantime I board.

    So whenever I think of an ongoing expense I like to compare it to whether or not it would cover a month's worth of board. Lately I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

    For example:

    I'm trying to refinance my mortgage? Well dang if that new interest rate wouldn't save me enough every month for another horse's board.

    My car's about the be paid off? Well that's the equivalent to almost another board too!

    I currently have a roommate that I don't need but I like the extra cash. My live in boyfriend wants her gone soon but guess what her rent is more than enough for? Board on a second horse.

    I've had my mare for 10 years now. I've got second horse fever real bad if it's not obvious by this and my last post.

    I was just curious if any one else rationalizes ongoing expenses based on how much is costs to board a horse for one month?

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    Sep. 8, 2005
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    Jul. 3, 2012
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    You know in cartoons when the character gets little dollar sign$ in their eyes for pupils? I say I get little trotting horses.

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    May. 4, 2006
    Green Cove Springs, Fla


    All I can say is I would never put a horse above my relationship with my husband to be, the happiness of the people in general and most particularly not in the light of the fact that you want your own farm? Why do you not judge these savings in terms of the refinance and payoff of the vehicle as a sign that you may be getting closer to your real dream. Not something that just makes a short term so called happiness possible. Something is askew here and usually the dollar signs are behind it, you are not alone.

    Since you raised the question of rationalization, I will say, that I did it once and I very much regret it.
    "We, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit." JFK

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    Jan. 30, 2010
    where the red fern grows


    When I broke down my raise this year and realized it was enough for (guess what?) board on a second horse, I was all smiles.

    Second horse is now living in a stall right next to my other one
    The best is yet to come

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    I think of stuff like that in terms of board. Like, "when I pay off my car in a couple years, that car payment could cover board on a horse!" But not in the sense that that justifies getting a second horse (I'd be more likely to split that "extra" money so some goes in regular savings and some goes in the emergency vet savings) but just in the sense that saying it that way makes the money more "real" to me. It's just another way of conceptualizing it, I guess.
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    Dec. 15, 2011
    over the rainbow


    Ohhhhh yesss

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    Apr. 21, 2012


    Yea I totally do. I work a very annoying job for very little pay, so whenever I'm incredibly bored or irritated I just say "Hey. This hour buys half a bottle of fly spray!" Or something similar. I have a second project horse coming in in a few weeks and it has made my job MUCH more bearable
    ~Over or Through~

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    Mar. 9, 2004


    As in..... "This pair of jeans cost as much as 8 bales of hay, I can do without them"? YES, I do.
    "We're still right, they're still wrong" James Carville

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    Jan. 10, 2008
    Western NY


    My horse cost just over $1k, so when I hear about something being, say, $14,000, I think of it as Fourteen Sams. (:

    I seriously only yesterday thought about how expensive my board was. I mean, it's not like I didn't know how much I was paying, but it actually dawned on me yesterday that it's more than my car payment or my loan payments and really not that much less than my mortgage. Then I shoved that thought way back down deep in my brain again where it will hopefully never resurface.

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    Aug. 17, 2004
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    Sounds like the OP is in a great position to get that farmetter sooner rather than later. Refi, lack of car payment and keeping the roomate means reaching the downpayment goal all that much faster. Then you can even have more horses.

    If you get on with the roomate, I would tell live-in BF tht as long as he is willing to cover her share of the rent, then you are fine with letting her go. If not, oh your money for the farmette.
    Where Fjeral Norwegian Fjords Rule

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    May. 25, 2004


    Yes, ALL THE TIME!!!! Clinics, HAY, supplements, lessons, board, farrier, you name it. Especially when something or someone at work is driving me crazy. I get more patience when I think of it as being for the horses..

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