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    Jul. 29, 2001
    we've got sand and rocks, and rocks and sand...


    Quote Originally Posted by OveroHunter View Post
    I love flea bitten greys!!! Your horse is on a whole other cuteness level than my old Appy
    perhaps... but I suspect that your old mare and my old mare share many of the same personality characteristics. ;-p There's a REASON my mare grew spots!!!! ROFL!

    I will openly admit, I do love me some appy! :-D
    The ninja monkeys are plotting my demise as we speak....

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    Sep. 20, 2010


    Oh I'm learning all about "personality characteristics"... My own horse is the worlds sweetest most willing little thoroughbred, the kind of horse who literally comes running when you call his name.

    With legend the attitude is more of "I'll do it if you make me but don't except me to act happy about it." the honeymoon is clearly over and the true personalty is coming out. Of course, the poor guy is probably a little sore (he's getting the next couple days off... I may not give in to his tantrums but I'm not an evil dictator by any means, he's gotten to the point he could benefit from a little break from "boot camp").

    I did pop him over some jumps today (western boot camp is over for now, I think sitting his jog was giving me whiplash it's so rough) including his first little oxer, maybe 2'3" ish... I'll have to post the picture, maybe over in the hunter jumper section too... He's so obviously not hunter bred but he jumped a good foot higher than the jump with his knees up to his eyeballs. If he can jump like that around a course his western days might be over for now (much to his relief... He did not appreciate me making him jog for a solid half hour or 45 minutes yesterday... Nor did my joints, which is another reason western days might be more limited).

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    Jul. 10, 2012
    Columbus, OH


    Your new project sounds and looks a lot like the guy that landed in my lap! I bought him off a friend in January, then found a 4H girl who bought him from me... but then moved, so gave him back. The horse I never expected to own has become a seriously fun project!

    Seriously- here's his ped:

    And he's a palomino roan blanket Appy... who jumps low stuff, screams Western, but is much easier and fun to ride English.

    I don't have any pictures, but if you can look at this briefly enough to note that they are kinda similar without judging- If I were smart enough to capture a still, I would.

    (that was a schooling show we attended on a lark, two weeks after he became mine. We had maaaaybe four rides together, and we had arrived at the show grounds with ten minutes to spare. Nothing to see here- just glance at Max's body and nod.)

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    Sep. 20, 2010


    15hh appaloosa cow pony shows us how playing hunter jumper is done... Not a fluke either, he jumped through every time just as nice as this, sometimes even squarer with his knees. We jumped it 3 or 4 times and on the last time I raised the back rail a hole and he jumped through just lovely.

    Now he just needs to drop the 'tude. Getting his teeth done and a new coggins hopefully next week, so that will probably help (he's six and I doubt he's ever had his teeth looked at), but I also happen to know he's had an attitude his entire life (his owner exercises cutting horses and at the end of the day never wanted to deal with ANOTHER bratty horse who wanted to buck so that's one of the reasons he got sent back out to the ranch to sit for a year). He hasn't really bucked with me, more of a big crowhop and a little head tossing, just to say "I'll do it if you make me but I'm going to let you know I'm not happy about it."

    Oh Legend. I wouldn't be happy about going back to work if I got to take a year off too.

    If he keeps jumping that nice I may not ride him western much again... I wonder if he banked on that, he really hates jogging and forget trying to get him to "lope".

    Worse camera angle but I do much better when I'm actually EXPECTING a jump that big...

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    May. 23, 2012


    Worse camera angle but I do much better when I'm actually EXPECTING a jump that big...

    Your faces totally match in that pic, you both look like your really concentrating.

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