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    Dec. 23, 2006

    Default PPE this Friday-- is it too soon to start jumping up and down and giggling?

    I have a prepurchase scheduled for Friday and am already jumping out of my skin with excitement. Horse is sound as a pound and everything should go smoothly. I'm not buying anything for my new critter yet because it feels like bad luck.

    However, I'm so psyched and I'm at my office wishing somebody around here gave a rat's a$$ so I could babble about "my" horse.

    Is this okay and if not, does anyone know of a good calming supplement?

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    Mar. 1, 2003
    Happily in Canada


    Congrats, and I hope it goes well. I'll rain on your parade a bit anyway though. Try not to let your excitement prevent you from making good decisions about findings on the PPE.

    Just as when you look at the horse, so for the PPE should you run the results by your trainer/coach/knowledgeable friend.

    (I was just a 3rd party to this going very badly wrong. If only the purchasers had listened to the advice given, rather than getting super-excited about their "sound as a pound" horse, and not doing a thorough enough PPE, who 6 months later is looking to be a pasture ornament.)

    You never know what kind of obsessive compulsive crazy person you are until another person imitates your behaviour at a three-day. --Gry2Yng

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