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    Default boarding horses - terms and conditions

    Allright, so I am back in the horse biz after a few years, and also in a new country. (USA). Is it normal in the USA for a boarding facility to ask you to sign a contract for a lease? I am currently stabling my horse in a "BACKYARD" situation but suddenly I am being asked to sign a "lease" for 12 months. For various reasons, I don't want to do this, but the main reason I want to move my horse (after basic training) to a facility closer to town.
    Is this "lease" thing normal???

    If I do move my horse to a closer property, I still don't want to sign a "lease" because what if I find that employees/other people are abusive? What if I find that the hay/feed is inferior? I just don't think this is appropriate for many reasons....I am hesitant and currently I am being made to feel that my concerns are not valid. What do you think???
    Please help: I am not really familiar with boarding contracts in USA.

    I would appreciate your thoughts, no matter if I am wrong. I want to learn and to be a good horse owner in USA.


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    Boarded my horses for years at little backyard barns. Had to sign board agreements (ie: these are the rules - follow them, you fall off, your fault and such) but NEVER had to agree to a year "lease" of my stall. We always went month to month. Then gave 30-60 days notice depending on the barn. (I was at one for 10 years and the owner who I loved needed the 'heads up' when we left and came back from college)

    I don't think I would ever sign a 12 month lease, just in case things didn't work out.

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    Same as the other response....I've signed "Boarding Agreements" but never a "lease" locking in the length of time required to stay.
    It's to no one's advantage to sign a lease. What if your horse destroys his/her stall? Blows through fences? Bites?
    No barn manager wants to be stuck with a problem horse either.
    I'd find a different place if I could.

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    There may be a mundane and innocuous reason for it, though it escapes me. Look at the severability parts. If it's a "lease" with 30 day notice and at-will severability, there may just not be enough difference in the BO's head between a lease and a rental to have called it a rental.... Shrug.
    Nudging "Almost Heaven" a little closer still...

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