A horse thief might be on the loose!
It happened Friday night at the spring trail ride in Knott County when Yankee, a five-year-old bay mare, went missing.
"I walked everywhere looking for her," said Keith Varney, the horse's owner who lives in Pike County.
Yankee went missing without a trail left behind.
"She's 5 years old, and she's bay. She's got four black legs, no white markings, and her maine is shaved off," said Varney.
Yankee is more than a horse to the Varney family in Pike County. She is 4-year-old Ella and 6-year-old Emma's best friend.
"As soon as got her, these girls took up with her and you trust with these girls leading her. They'd waller all over her, climb on her, and ride her by themselves and all that," said Varney.
Knott County Sheriff deputies are looking into what happened to Yankee.
"Normally we have a lot of horses going missing at the trail ride, but they generally turn up. They'll be in someone's else camping area and may tie them up for safe keeping, but generally they always turn up," said Chief Deputy Robby Slone.
The horse went missing from the campground more than three days ago, and now the family is offering a cash reward for anyone who can bring yankee home safely.
The Varney Family plans to give nearly 300 dollars for her return.
If you have any information about Yankee, call the the Knott County Sheriff's Department at (606) 785-5354.