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    Quote Originally Posted by stripes View Post

    So my point is, being half WB or TB really helps you in the Sport Horse classes as they are more they type of horse that the judges are used to judging. They tend to score higher than the PB's.
    We had a similar experience with our filly who showed in the Sport Horse Classes as a yearling. She placed 1st and 2nd in her 3 and under division beating out several 2 and 3 yo (she was the youngest entry). Ours happens to show both the lovely Arabian trademark qualities especially through the head and neck (remarkably elegant/feminine)---but also improved saddle position, well defined top line, hip, depth of body and frame, bone and substance of her Sport Pony Sire (who happens to be a purebred Connemara). It was a very good cross

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    Default Excuse me?

    Quote Originally Posted by copper1 View Post
    sad that the breed has such a stigma against it as a using horse that owners that show open do not want to claim it's heritage.
    I show my half Arab Paint in open and breed shows with success. I believe most judges appreciate a forward, intelligent horse no matter the breed. I don't think there is an Arab owner who isn't proud of their breed's heritage and believe there is a stigma against our breed. Horse people that don't know much make generalizations about breeds they don't understand.

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    Overall I think we have done better at Open shows than Arabian shows so I do think dressage is dressage. A great athlete will get rewarded "most " of the time despite the breed.

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    FOUND IT! It wasn't on CoTh, but here it is!

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    Well, an interesting article, if a little on the negative side. I must live in la-la land because I've *never* had anyone say anything negative about my Arab. If anything, people at shows have been exceptionally kind and full of compliments. Same for clinicians. I've even taken him to a combined training event and people were super nice.

    Kind of goes back to the thread about breeds with the best work ethic - buy and ride the horse in front of you - forget about the stereotypes!

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    This is interesting because I just had this conversation the other night with a few friends and they feel the Arab isn't able to bend as well as other horses. I only showed at the Nationals once in my entire life and don't recall any bending suppling issues.

    However, parties were damn good.

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