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    Default Went flying today on a Haffie!

    I wasn't sure where I should post this since I am not sure what my 4 year old Haffie is going to be, hopefully an eventer but maybe a hunter too. He is turning 5 next month. So today we snuck in a morning ride. He had a long trail ride on Sunday just about all walking and no serious work in last week. So we just trotted around working on bending, up down transitions, etc. I popped him over some small jumps. I was surprised he was jumping with so much pop and gusto as he usually has to be challenged by jumps before he really tries. So we set up a little one stride combo and my friend told me to really ride at it since he really needs to be moving forward to figure out more than one jump at a time. I did not expect a canter just a strong trot but my little boy had other ideas. As we rounded the corner coming into the jumps (crossrails) his turbo boost kicked in and he picked up a canter I have never felt before on him. He did a flying leap over the first one and I wasn't sure we were going to land before the second one We did and then he did same thing over next one. After this huge burst of energy he just came right back to me and settled right down. My friend swears he jumped 6 foot in the air but probably more like 4 I felt like I was flying! We did it again several more times at trot and he jumped beautifully. Funny thing is it really wasn't scary it was fun, but thank goodness I was hanging on and he has a nice belly to wrap my legs around! He is going to be a blast!!!

    Here is a pic from another day of course no video of today, darn it!
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