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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticOakRanch View Post
    Anything custom... Many products are not available to try - if you want custom drapes, you don't get to try them out, you pay up front. If you want a custom suit, you pay for it - whether you like it or not. If you want a fence built, there is no trying it out - buy it or no fence.

    With custom saddles - if you go to THEM, there is no charge to try, but if they come to you - at that point, you are paying for a service, just like you would for your vet or your housekeeper, or whoever else you pay for services.

    You are in wine country - how many wineries still allow free tasting?

    My only beef - once you BUY the saddle, I do think the fitting cost should be included in the cost of the saddle.
    sure, but do those custom items make you pay to have them come sell it to you?

    i just think a lot of what happens in the horse world is silly - and yet people will happily go along....

    me? i would rather find a company that values me as a customer and who will go out of its way to sell me something.

    but i 'm old skool like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoball 1 View Post
    Well all I can say is Andy Sankey MSF who hand makes these saddles has a stellar reputation. I had a wonderful experience with the fitter I used, and BTW I didn't need a full custom saddle because the "off the rack" so to speak , fit me and my horse like a glove. My horse is not the easiest back to fit, so I was fully prepared to go with a totally custom saddle, but the fitter was very honest and did not feel I need spend the extra $1,000 for something that wasn't needed. That being said, the saddle I'm buying is still made to order, not out of the back of the fitters truck...
    Not to worry, when the saddle arrives in a couple more weeks, I'll be sure to inspect the sucker along with my regular saddle fitter 6 ways from Sunday.

    I really can't speak to your experience with Borne', but the fitter I used narrowed my choices down to 2 out of 10 models available because of the Tree shape for my horse, and the fact that I wanted a deeper seat. There was absolutely NO compromising, or suggestion that the saddle should or could be fitted with a pad of any sort.

    I'm not here to dis any other saddle brand. I just found Borne' Sankey's to have lots of tree shape and seat options.
    *** Also, Borne' offers a 7 day trail after delivery which allows return of the saddle if for any reason it does not fit horse or rider. This info can be found on their Warranty page on their website. I don't see why someone wouldn't return it or ask for correct adjustments since the saddle is guaranteed ?
    I encourage you to go back and read my reply to Dune. You might find it interesting.

    Karen Borne

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    Default Buffalo Monoflap

    We can do a monoflap with Buffalo leather and exterior block.
    Karen Borne, President
    Borne Saddlery, LLC

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    I didn't see any reply to me. ??? Kinda interesting to resurrect an old thread like this though.....sales slow? lol

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    Go back to the older Borne saddle threads which have all been reactivated by Karen Borne - I suspect they were just brought to her attention.

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    Excuse me Dune. I am the Borne sponsored rider for San Diego and really do not appreciate you BASHING me or Borne Saddlery. First of all, there were not parts on backwards, so maybe you should get your facts straight. I am currently competing and training Grand Prix very successfully and contribute a big part of my success to having a saddle that makes myself and especially my horse happy and comfortable. Oh and by the way, i personally don't bash other saddle companies, but as a trainer, i do try to steer my clients into what i feel is in their best interest. This includes feed, veterinary, farrier, training, and yes tack That is part of my job.

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    Didn't feel I was "bashing", just sharing my experience/opinion. Everyone is entitled to one.....I'll leave it at that.

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