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    Default Do I buy new blanket in horse's current size, or go up one size?

    I found a good deal on the blanket that I want to buy my new horse. He currently fits in my old horse's 78" in the same brand and blanket weight, but just barely. He is just off the track and I am concerned that once he is put into work and builds up new muscles and gain weight in general, that he will fill out enough to not fit into the 78". Should I go up a size or not? The current blanket ends right at the top of his tail, where it should, but his hind quarters do hang out a tiny bit. My concern is if I get the bigger size, it will still be too long over the tail (it does have a tail flap, so the entire tail is covered). What should I do? I don't want to miss out on this great deal (now I sound like I should go over to the horse stuff hoarding thread!).

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    Get the larger size. You can always use it to layer over a liner if you find it is too big. JMO

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    I'd get the larger size. Also, if it has front buckles you can usually snug it up a bit smaller.

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    like both answers above.

    get larger size.usually there's some way of making it work,till he fills out.

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    Go bigger. I got my boy the size he fit when I bought him. The following winter I had to buy all new blankets because they were now too small.

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