I wanted to share this story:

My mare Tecla, an 8 1/2 year old TB (we have been together for 8 years), lives at home with our 2 other TBs - Queen of the Galaxy and March N November. Tecla and I have not shown yet, she raced for us a bit, but kept hurting herself so she came home. I have been riding her a bit and sometimes it works out great and sometimes there are problems. But I am connected with her and have been since she walked off the trailer as a 6 month old.

On December 28th (2 weeks ago), I walked into our little barn where I keep Tecla and Queen in stalls. Marzo (March N November) is able to come and go from his stall. I was met with a very loud whinny from Tecla. Queen always greets me with a call, but never Tecla. I worried a bit that she was not feeling right, but she ate good and then I turned them out.

The next day (which was Thursday), I walked in and the same thing happened. I thought well maybe she is going to start chatting with me in the morning - fed them and went inside to do my daily quests on W.O.W. I came back out about 45 minutes later to put their blankets on and decided to let Tecla walk into the common area where I would put on her blanket. She immediately walked to where I have an indoor/outdoor extension cord plugged in. Her usual routine is to go boss Queen around. I put my hand by her nose to move her away and much to my surprise the plug was extremely hot. I pulled it out of the socket and it was tarring up and smelly. To say the least - I was astonished, grateful - you name it!

I believe my friend saved my life that day. If something had happened with those old cords - I would have had a hard time forgiving myself. Went to the store and bought 3 cords that should take care of things and checked the GFI as well. I did show them to her before I plugged them in - just to get her approval.