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    Default Another dog show entry question!

    I'm getting ready to enter Beckham in a show next month.

    First question-They only offer "Puppy" or "12 & under 18 months". I haven't seen this before so does that mean all dogs show together that are 6 & under 12 months rather than the 6 & under 9 and 9 & under 12?

    Second question-This show is offering a novice class. If any of you remember I was the one asking about entering puppy vs AOH. So now I'm asking about puppy vs novice? I'm definitely a novice as this is my first conformation dog and we've only been to two shows. Beckham is 11 months


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    I would go for the puppy class, myself. I've never entered Novice - I think it would be good for a novice handler with an exceptional dog, but puppies have issues with growth, attention, etc. and I think it's a good idea to be there in your case.

    Let the judge know you are new to the sport during examination - I've found most to be very encouraging, and they will give you all kinds of room for error! More than a few have given me advice as I was learning.
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    some shows (usually specialty or larger all breed) divide the puppy classes into 6-9 months and 9-12 months, but many others do not. So, yes....all puppies under 12 months will be in the same class.
    I would enter a puppy in the puppy class, rather than Novice or anything else....judges do not expect puppies to be perfectly trained, so you'll get a little more leeway in that class with a youngster. Novice is not widely used.....personally, I think it screams to the judge "we've hardly ever won anything before", and why would you want to tell the judge that?

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    12-18 month allows dogs that are a bit more slow in maturing to be entered in a suitable class vs. against the usually older Open dogs.

    Put him in puppy. As everyone said, the judges tend to try to give the puppies are great experience. And believe me, they'll know you're a novice handler. And will be nice to you too.

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