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    May. 31, 2011

    Default Depressed Gelding

    I had my 3 geldings all pastured together. Haffie, percheronX, and paint. They all got along great the haffie (Jake) and percheronX (Mac) are BEST friends, but the paint gelding (Sterling) hung out with them and they were always together.

    A guy from my fiance's work gave him a horse, another paint gelding (Dakota). Looks like a mirror image of sterling. We through him in with the boys and everyone got along great. Mac and Jake chased him around for about 30 seconds and decided he was cool. Sterling went up and said hi, everything was great.

    I am now noticing Sterling is always by himself the other 3 boys will run around and play and goof off but not sterling. Hes always just standing off by himself. The others are not mean to him at all. He acts like hes REALLY depressed. He eats by himself even though the other 3 boys won't kick him off the roundbale.

    Any ideas as to why he is acting like this? Anything i can do? I was hoping him and Dakota would bond because the other two are in love with each other.

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    Jul. 31, 2008


    Is it possible you could separate the pasture and pair them off while he and Dakota bond?
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    Could be a physical issue, like Lyme Disease if you are in an area with it. Lyme sometimes makes horses "not quite right".

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    Oct. 11, 2011


    My gelding just went thru this weird period. I too have three geldings, 2 are the best of friends then Akira is the odd one out. I put him out in the 25 acres for a little break, but he so badly wanted to come back in, and when I did he was acting like u described. Dull, listless, just standing there like a horse on his way to death. I was really worried for him. Then I wondered is he sad coz he's not getting enough attention? And I started making sure I spent more one on one time with him, taking him out just to brush & fuss over him, taking him for walks etc. He has since come good, I think coz he is such a great horse we take advantage of his uncomplicated nature& forget that they all like to feel special sometimes. Also it is spring here & I thought maybe due to the high sugar content in the grass he could have been coming down off some sort of sugar "high".
    Could it be your boy has his nose point out of joint coz of the new bloke?

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