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    I would love a mule, however we are at the "no more pets" stage. I can't complain with a Siamese cat, smartest cats ever, a pointer, the prettiest dog ever, a coon hound, the silliest dog ever, and minature piglet, the best pet ever. I understand, I could count the fabulous QH Mare and RID gelding but they don't live at home.

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    I would love an abyssinian cat and a scottie dog. They are just way out of my shelter pet price range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosey_2003 View Post
    I very desperately want a Springer Spaniel. Liver and white. Bench type. Male.

    Sadly, not gonna happen for a long time.
    Oh, Mosey, I so hope you get your boy sooner than you think... My L/W bench-bred bitch IS my dream dog and she is just the Best Dog in the World. My heart dog. I haven't got a horse so she is IT...

    I also have a guinea pig whom I love, the latest in a long line of little wheekers. War Admiral, I can't BELIEVE you can't find one - usually rescues and shelters are desperate for homes! Don't give up, I bet someone would drive several hours to get you a piggie. They are great, just little dogs with such personalities. And no "personal smell," unlike rats, mice, gerbils, rabbits, etc.

    My dream animals are an OTTB gelding (preferably grey) to show H/J, a Lipizzaner to show dressage, a pony to drive, a Jersey cow, a couple of Suffolk sheep, and maybe some chickens. Oh, and someone else to take care of all the critters in the mornings!

    Possibly a cat like the little grey one that wanted me to take it home from the shelter around 15 years ago. I'm *not* a cat person but there have been a few that I liked... there was something about that cat. Couldn't have one then, alas.

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    I want a pony. A fat, fluffy pony. (Probably have to be a halflinger if I want to ride him, but I dream of fields full of Thellwell ponies.)

    I wish I could have a cockatoo, but I have four cats and that would be a bad mix. Smaller birds, even more so.

    I would like a Scottie dog, and even have a local connection to the state club's rescue/rehomer, but as my older dog (likely to go first) is the laid-back mix and the younger is the Corgi, it would likely mean mixing...strong temperaments. I don't want to be constantly living through the canine equivalent of a Scotland vs Wales rugby match.

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