I have two horses I would love to see go to a good home. The mare is shorter, never put a stick on her but I would bet 14.1-14.3hh. However, she is very stocky and powerfully built; she had no problem carrying my 6'2 fiance. She is also a very easy keeper! We give her half a handful of grain a day just to get her in the barn, and she is positively roly-poly. I have owned her since she was foaled (she was a "surprise" packaged with a mare we bought). She was trained under saddle, but only ridden once in a blue moon. Will lead, tie, etc., but doesn't have great ground manners (nothing really naughty, just doesn't respect your space). She learns quickly, and is very laid back and pleasant, she just needs attention. I have been working with her recently, and she is very quick; she is one of those that "gets it" after only a few minutes, whatever you are trying to teach. She's a very powerful mover (although very out of shape currently), but when she kicks up in the pasture you can tell she's got some serious GO in her. She could be a LOT of fun for someone willing to put in a little time.

The gelding is a thoroughbred I bought off the steeplechase track when he was six. I have his jockey club papers. He was my hunter/jumper throughout high school, retired because I didn't have money to show and we could never really keep him sound going over 3'6 fences. Does great on the flat though, haven't had any soundness issues since we quit jumping. He does have small bone spurs in his hocks from arthritis, and while we were jumping I kept him on adequan, cosequin, and we did bi-annual hock injections. I have not done any of that in almost five years, and while you can hear his hocks click, he goes sound. We have been all over the place trail riding, he has a blast on the trails. He is a HUGE 16.2, looks and rides more like 17. Isaac is a big puppy-dog, full of personality. Like many OTTBs he is sort of a hard keeper, but has good low-maintenance feet and is a real pleasure to be around. He would be a good trail horse, or a dressage project. We did dressage together when he was younger. He is very long-bodied, and collection is not his favorite thing in the world to do, but he does have talent.

Both are 100% UTD on worming, vaccines, dental work, coggins, etc. My folks are veterinarians, so our bunch is always kept in good health. The mare goes barefoot, Isaac goes in fronts only. They have NO vices, no buck, rear, bite, or kick. The gelding gets along with everyone, and is rock-bottom on the pasture tier. The mare is a little bossy, but no

If you are interested in either, please send a PM and I will give you my email and/or phone number. I will need some info from you regarding where and how the horse will be kept. It's very important to me that they go to a good place.