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    Default Who to call for.........

    Let's say you wanted to have a mantle/hearth built around a fireplace.

    What type of service/business/person would you call to do this?

    I have no idea and while it seems like it would be "simple" as a DIY type project, I'm not really a DIY type of gal, outside of hanging new light fixtures/painting and such.
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    I would call a General Contractor and see who they recommend.
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    A reputable mason. As in masonry.

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    Most of the remodel businesses will either be able to do it or recommend somebody...and most of those are general contractor owned.

    It can be more complicated then it seems as fireplaces are rarely level and you can't just stick stone against some walls and fireboxes...or you can but it will cost you alot more later to fix it. Pick wisely.
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    Mantle makes me think Carpenter, Hearth makes me think Mason. A General Contractor does seem to be your best bet.
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    A general contractor who can recommend a good mason. I'm sure there are also reputable small home remodeling type businesses you could call, too...Be sure they have a state license if required in your state, you can check their business practices that way.

    Also, just like in the horse world, ask for references, AND CALL at least five of them....Ask me how I know this...By checking on someone in one of these trades a few years ago, by call #3, I knew he had lots of problems with time management (and drinking).... Great quality work, if A) You didn't mind waiting, like, over a year, for a 6-8 week job, and B) If making zillions of calls about no-shows, etc., didn't bother you...

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