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    KDow, we have similar ideas. Your link to the Panache bra didn't work for me. Is it the 2nd bra that I linked?

    What do you find odd about the Panache line as far as fit, and what are your favorite brands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Topaz View Post
    (I think all of those well endowed can agree it's a bit of a disability as far as riding is concerned.)

    I'm getting a breast reduction at the beginning of October!! I'm a little apprehensive, but overall darned excited. I can't wait to, literally, get this weight off my chest. I know other people have done it, any tips or suggestions?
    How did it go? How are you doing now?

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    I had a breast reduction almost 4 years ago. Like most thing I have ever done. I refused to dink around with the insurance company and just paid for it. I had been saving for a while. The hospital and anesthesia practice gave me a substantial discount for pre-paying cash. Once I made the decision, I wanted it done NOW.

    I went from a DD to a B/C. My surgeon was wonderful. She did a lift as part of the procedure and said this is as important as the reduction. It is nice to have nipples in the correct position (not pointing at the ground).


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    Quote Originally Posted by horseshrink View Post
    Those of you who have had this done, please give me some hints, tricks, or tips of how to go about getting insurance to pay for this.

    I have really good insurance, but don't think they would pay if I just went in for this.


    I had this done and had my insurance pay for it. I have a herniated disc and three bulged discs and have a history with this insurance company going to chiropractors and spinal specialists for several years.

    I got a letter from my chiropractor and physical therapist recommending breast reduction and took that to the surgeon. Then the surgery office had me fill out some questionnaires, took pictures and sent those with my letters to the insurance company and it worked!

    My best recommendation would be to have as many doctors and health care professionals (outside the surgeons office) write detailed letters about the pain you've been having and why, specifically, this surgery would help.

    I think it also helps to be at an average/healthy weight. My surgeon told me that my fitness was probably a huge help in getting the insurance approval since many insurance companies want you to lose weight to shrink your breasts first.

    I hope that helps! I have United Healthcare PPO and the approval process took about a month and a half. I'm SO HAPPY I did this surgery it's changed my whole life!

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