An invitation ... and a plea!

I wanted to invite everybody to come to the inaugural Old Dominion Hounds' Puppy Party in a few weeks -- there will be lots of little guys pups born in January and February) to play with, plus classes for 'un-entered' hounds (year-old). The class judges are supposed to do a Rolex-style audible commentary on their judging remarks, scoring and placings.
It's being held Saturday, April 26 at the club kennels in Orlean. Classes begin at 3 p.m., with Best in Show at 5.
Other area hunts are bringing young hounds, and we'll have a "puppy naming" contest for the little ones.
Here's the plea part:
I'm in charge of a "petting zoo" and games for kids. The huntsman designated me a little space at the edge of the show ring to have a few farm animals for petting and maybe a cornhole game or perhaps croquet or something.
I've got 2 quiet hens that can be petted, and maybe held, and a few guineas that maybe I can get a hold of to have in a crate. I have a mini horse that's been offered, and there are 2 tame resident sheep at the kennels.
But ... I'm thinking I need more!
Does anyone (local, or visitors!) have a gentle farm pet I could borrow? Maybe a goat, or a mini donkey, or .... ? A rabbit, or a duck, or a guinea pig or a small pig
NO dogs, NO cats, but otherwise I'm totally open for ideas!
Also, if anyone has an idea for easy, simple, limited-space games we could offer - cornhole is so easy, but surely there are others! Not only for kids, but for adults who are hanging out between classes and the BBQ dinner, too.
Contact me direct with animal or game ideas, or to RSVP! It's going to be a really fun day.
betsyburkeparker at gmail dot com.