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    Default Hoosier Horse Park needs support

    I am cross posting this from Eventing since there are driving events at the Hoosier Horse Park. I know that Indiana Whips and Wheels has also contributed to the HHP along with hosting well attended nationally sanctioned driving shows.

    The Johnson county commissioners are at it again. They just won't admit that the Hoosier Horse Park brings an income to Johnson County in Indiana. Last year the park had almost 100,000 documented visitors. Those are all the people who paid something to be there. Most shows are free at the park, so there are many more visitors that probably were overlooked.

    The county just won't believe that the park gets the county approximately $3.9 million in revenues, they think those figures are inflated, but a US government formula was used to get that figure. The HHP is also the only Indiana park that almost completely pays for itself, the rest are strictly paid for by the government. The current staff has done an incredible job of doing more with less and less money, they are very accountable and professional!

    Including the Indiana Eventing Association, there are almost 100 horse organizations in Indiana and most of those members do some type of activity at the park.

    IEA's HT, T3D and N3D did get radio, social network and Newspaper publicity this year because while the competitors paid to be there, the show was free to the public. Horse sports are a family sport, its hard for the commissioners to see that. Plus, the Hoosier Horse Park at Johnson County park is the ONLY PUBLIC XC COURSE in Indiana. IEA has invested alot of money there building safe jumps and do work the county won't pay for (like fixing drainage, etc). While most of the Jumps are portable, finding a similar facility in Indiana will be difficult!

    I am asking my fellow COTH peeps to write the commissioners. They want to budget cut again, possibly down to 2 employees for the next year. The Land contract renewal for the HHP lease is also coming up. We need your support. If you want lots of numbers and details, please let me know and I can send you that info. here are the Johnson County Commissioners emails. We annoyed then last year with emails..lets do it again.

    FYI: john price is the biggest offender of the group, he was trying to do land deals behind the HHP board's back to get rid of the HHP and give it to the military, but the land contract with the DNR and US government stopped that. He fights everything tooth and nail. For example, IEA was using xc schooling funds to pay for mowing and he figured out a way to stop that!

    On the other hand, Ron West is a fellow horse owner and very pro HHP.

    Johnson County (Indiana) Commissioners

    "Anita Knowles" <>,
    "Beth Boyce"<>,
    "Brian Walker" <>,
    "JamesEckart" <>,
    "John P. Wilson"<>,
    "Josh McCarty"<>,
    "Pete Ketchum" <>,
    "RonWest" <>,
    "Brenda Jones-Matthews<>,
    "John Price" <>,
    "Kathy Haste" <>,
    "Mark Loyd"<>,
    "Rick Schlosser" <>,
    "Tom Kite" <>,
    "Troy Dehart "<>,
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    Guess we need your personal email, so we can pass on this posting to other groups. Can't do a PM if there is no contact email.

    Thank you for posting this. I am sure not many of the Driving folks know the problems facing the HHP. The CDE there is the highlight of many Driver's year of competiton! One of the friendliest venues around, especially for beginners.

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