Has anyone fed or heard about Infinia? [see: http://www.infiniapetfood.com/products/default.aspx ]

I was at the feed store over the weekend and picked up a couple samples - the Bison & Potato and Salmon & Sweet Potato. Looks like a nice product, but haven't heard much about it.

The dog in question has horrible allergies (environment and food-related) and a sensitive stomach. He's doing quite well on Hills W/D - for whatever reason it works for him. But I'd love to get him on something more "healthier" for him.

Still haven't tried the samples yet, but I'm 100% positive Tucker (the dog) will eat them. He eats anything, but I'd love for him to be eating "healthy".

ETA: Weight-wise, he's perfect, if not a bit underweight (he's high maintance), but he's nearly 9 years old.