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    Default Dog having surgery, owner having nervous breakdown...

    A routine trip to the vet turned into a "hmm, that doesn't look good," comment about the bump that's been on her leg for a couple of years (and which her vet has been examining every time I take her in, which is not infrequently), because apparently it's grown somewhat. The recommendation is to remove it as it's probably-but-not-definitely a benign (but could be malignant) tumor (or could be a cyst!).

    She's around 12, a 60lb collie mix, and had a dental two years ago, came through the anaesthesia fine. But because of her age and the fact that I adore her, I'm worried. First about the surgery - it should be fairly short and not like a major abdominal surgery but the anaesthesia worries me - and second about the possibility of cancer. All good thoughts, kind words and encouraging stories appreciated!

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    Good luck, I hope the surgery goes well!
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    Sending good wishes your way, for good news and a quick, easy recovery.
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    Jingles for a complete, speedy recovery and hugs for her mom!
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    Best wishes for your girl - One of my labs had a lump on her leg removed about 2 yrs. ago - cancer -vet got it all and she has been cancer-free since! She's now 12 and doing great. My vet of 28 yrs. is the best and the worst- She is a brilliant diagnostician and surgeon but insists on scaring the heck out of me every time there's something amiss. I like to say that she wants there to be no surprises, and she is just giving all the info she has, but my mama side suspects that there's a bit of TMI, with perhaps a touch of malice? Example: Why would she tell me that my big male Lab's limp COULD be bone cancer (immediate amputation, chemo, and still under 6 live), when it was ended up being cartilage deterioration w/NSAID treatment being totally effective? And the lump on my Jack's muzzle COULD be an equally evil cancer assoc. w/white terriers??? It ended up being an infected hair follicle caused by me shaving her whiskers-

    Doc is truly a superb vet, but she is famous for scaring the heck out of her clients with her "possibilities". I appreciate her impressive knowledge-listening to her work thru symptoms leading to diagnoses and formulating treatments is truly awesome, and an exercise in total concentration for me, but she COULD keep the what ifs until AFTER the xrays, the surger,y the biopsy, etc. I've spent way too much time prematurely grieving for my various babies!

    Perhaps your vet is the same way? Just know that I have known many dogs w/similar lumps come out of the surgery with nothing more than stitches. My vet, Dr. TMI, will freely state that she has removed many masses she was SURE were malignant and weren't, and vice versa. Just try to stay calm and take heart from the fact that she had no problems w/the dental anesthesia.

    What's your girl's name? So we can say a prayer-

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    I am the anesthetist for dogs and cats even older than her on a regular basis. With all the great drugs, equipment and training these days they really do just fine!

    I hope she does great and the pathology comes back benign. I had a growth removed from my 7 year old dogs mouth recently so I know how you feel- I was preparing myself to rush him to the nearest doggy cancer center and sell a few major organs to pay for it I was over reacting and he is fine!

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